Midsummers Eve - 19th of June

In the afternoon we serve our midsummer buffet, starting 5 pm. The buffet is set in the middle of the garden were the chefs barbeque & serve classic Swedish midsummer food. Pickled herring, smoked salmon & cheese are a few examples & of course the huge strawberry cake. This event is for the entire family!

This event requires you to buy a ticket beforehand.
Open arrival time between 5 – 7 PM.

Price per person - 695 kr.

Price for children (12 years or under) - 350 kr.

For more information call +46156 138 47

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Dance night with Lasse Stefanz - Friday 24th of July

It’s with great joy we once again welcome Lasse-Stefanz to Fina Fisken. After the amazing performance last year, Swedens most popular dance-band makes an exclusive gig in our garden. Bring your friends & dance like never before. Book a table for dinner either before or during the concert . The garden bar is open throughout the night & there will be a lot of places to sit & relax your legs in between dance sessions.

To enter the restaurant this evening requires a ticket. There is two different kinds of tickets. If you only wish to visit the garden bar & enjoy the music you can buy a ticket for entrance. The second alternative is to book a ticket with dinner included, which gives you a reserved seat & a three course dinner. Please notice that we have two different seatings. Either before or during the show.

The event has an 18 year limit & you need a ticket to come to us this evening.

    Barbeque in the garden:
    For those of you with a concert ticket we offer grilled in the garden in the form of hamburgers & sausages as well as vegetarian options. 

    Entrance only -
     350 kr per person

    Dinner & entrance (5 PM) - 995 kr per person
    Dinner & entrance (9 PM) - 995 kr per person

    For more information – call +46156 138 47

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    Garden Concert with Sabina Ddumba, Molly Hammar & Daniel Adams-Ray - 25th of July

    The last Saturday in July is from now on a holy day for Fina Fisken. In 2017, Miss Li offered a magical energy-filled appearance & in 2018 Petter along with the Eye N'I took it to the next level on one of that summers hottest nights.

    As with all magical experiences, last year's concerts ended far too fast. That is why we’re now plan three concerts during one & the same evening. We are incredibly proud to present the following three artists who are warm to our hearts & look forward to a long summer evening with world-class music performances.

    Sabina Ddumba possesses one of Sweden's most expressive and multifaceted Swedish voices, which always touches the heart of the listener. In 2014, the debut single ”Scarred For Life” was released, which was followed by successes such as ”Not Too Young” & ”Effortless”. In 2015 she won a ”Grammis” in the category Newcomer of the Year. The following year came the acclaimed debut album ”Homeward Bound”. In 2017, Sabina received an even greater public impact through her participation in the TV program ”Så Mycket Bättre”.

    In June 2018, Molly Hammar released the EP SEX which marks the end of the old Molly & the beginning of the new, more mature Molly. The EP contains six sensual and soulful R&B tracks. In recent years, Molly has participated in acclaimed live performances such as ”Musikhjälpen”, ”Guldbaggegalan” & ”Grammisgalan”.

    Daniel Adams-Ray helped pave the way for a new wave of Swedish hip-hop as a member of the group Snook. Then he redrawed the map for how Swedish pop can sound & since then many have followed his artist path. Under his own name, he set streaming records with the song "Gubben i Lådan". In December 2018, we saw Daniel as one of the program leaders in ”Musikhjälpen” where his participation was loved by the people. Now Daniel is back with new music in Swedish. First off, ”Förlorad Hallelujah" was closely followed by "Bror” which gave us a taste of what's to come.

    Welcome to one of this year's absolute highlights at Fina Fisken.

    The first concert will start at approximately 9 PM but we open up at 5 PM for anyone who wants to join the pre-party in our garden. This evening you need a ticket to come to us & there are two different types of tickets. Entrance ticket gives you entrance & place in our bar area which this evening also includes ”Ankarparken” adjacent to the restaurants garden. If you choose a ticket with dinner packages, a 3-course dinner is included. Please note that we have two seatings.

    The event has an 18 year limit & you need a ticket to come to us this evening.

    Concert ticket with entrance from 5 PM - 795 kr per person.
    Concert & Dinner Package 5 PM (before the concert) - 1450 kr per person.
    Concert & dinner package 9 PM (during the concert) - 1650 kr per person.

    If you book 5 PM, dinner is served before the concert & the seating ends at 7:30 PM. After that there are reserved seats in the garden closer to the stage. If you book 9 PM the dinner is served during the concert & the dining table is reserved for you throughout the evening.

    For more info - 0156 138 47

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    Seafood evening - 28th & 29th of August

    For the 16th consecutive year we set our garden with music, guests in dinner wear, the entire staff, cold drinks & enormous amount of seafood. We start with champagne & mingle in the garden & the evening continues with one thing in focus, SEAFOOD! The buffet stands ready to be enjoyed along with the oyster bar which, this night, is larger than ever. The garden bar is open throughout the night & our jazz musicians keeps on playing long after dinner is over.

    This event requires you to buy a ticket beforehand.
    The evening starts with drinks at 6 PM.

    Price per person – 1350 kr.

    For more information – call +46156 138 47

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    Game Night at Fisken - 18th of September
    All summer goes on & the amount of fish dishes that pass the kitchen at Fina Fisken are countless. That is why "Game Night at Fisken" will be an extra important evening. We sharpen our knives & see how the forest can inspire us. In a five course menu, the wild meat becomes the main focus. We also include a wine package out of the ordinary with bottles that are warm to our hearts.

    We start with a drink at. 18:00.

    Price per person - 1495 kr

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    Crayfish party at Fina Fisken! - 3rd of October
    During late summer & autumn, cages are placed & secret crayfish are cooked together. All around Sweden, we prepare one of our most popular food- & party holidays. Fina Fisken has been waiting to long for hosting it's crayfish party.Now it's finally time! We are happy to invite you to an event where taste, tradition and party become one.

    Everybody sits together on big tables in the dining room with song book each & let our house musician Daniel Fridström control the mood. The kitchen will prepare a rich buffet with Swedish signal crayfish & langoustines along with all the condiments that belong at a classic Swedish crayfish party!

    Welcome to a new classic event at Fina Fisken where snaps & crayfish will play the main characters...

    Price per person - 995 kr 

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