Dance Night with Lasse Stefanz! - 29th of July

It’s with great joy we once again welcome Lasse-Stefanz to Fina Fisken. After the amazing performance last year, Swedens most popular dance-band makes an exclusive gig in our garden. Bring your friends and dance like never before. Book a table for dinner either before or during the concert. The garden bar is open throughout the night and there will be a lot of places to sit and relax your legs in between dance sessions.

To enter the restaurant this evening requires a ticket. There are two different kinds of tickets. If you only wish to visit the garden bar and enjoy the music you can buy a ticket for entrance. The second alternative is to book a ticket with dinner included, which gives you a reserved seat and a three course dinner. Please notice that we have two different seatings. Either before or during the show.

The event has an 18 year limit and you need a ticket to come to us this evening.

Entrance only - 350 kr per person
Dinner & entrance (5 PM) - 995 kr per person
Dinner & entrance (9 PM) - 995 kr per person

Barbeque in the garden:
For those of you with a concert ticket we offer grilled in the garden in the form of hamburgers & sausages as well as vegetarian options. 


This event is made possible through our collaboration with Å. Bergdahl Fastigheter AB.


For more information call - 0156 138 47

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Garden Concert with Timbuktu & DAMN! - 30th of July

It is impossible to describe how much we have looked forward to launch this year's Garden Concert! We remember the euphoria and energy at the previous concert in 2019. The question that has been echoing in our heads ever since - How do we top that?


We are now ecstatic and proud to welcome Timbuktu & DAMN! Swedens greatest hip-hop artist of all time, that on the hottest date of the summer decided to bless Trosa and Fina Fisken with his music treasure in a guaranteed unforgettable live performance.


Do not miss the chance to enjoy world-class live music & then dance into the night in an optimal summer atmosphere. Dance floor with DJ until 2 AM.


This evening you need a ticket to come to us and there are two different tickets. Entrance ticket gives you entrance and space in our bar environment, which this evening also includes Ankarparken outside the restaurant. If you choose a ticket with a dinner package, a 3-course dinner is included. Please note that we have two seatings.


The event has an 18 year limit & you need a ticket to come to us this evening.


Menu included in the dinner package:
Sauteed and juniper pickled salmon, smoked oyster emulsion, radish, borage and dill.

Baked char fillet, elderberry pickles, beurre blanc, asparagus, sugar peas and almonds.

Classic Crème Brûlée.


Barbecue in the garden:

For those of you with a concert ticket, we offer grilled in the garden in the form of burgers and sausages as well as vegetarian alternatives.


Concert ticket admission from 5 PM - SEK 695 per person. 

Concert and dinner package at 5 PM (before the concert) - SEK 1395 per person.

Concert and dinner package at 9 PM (during the concert) - SEK 1595 per person.

If you book at 5 PM, dinner is served before the concert and you will have give upp your table. There are reserved seats in the garden closer to the stage. If you book at 9 PM, dinner will be served during the concert and the dining table is reserved for you throughout the evening. 

The concert starts at approx. 9 PM but the area opens at 5 PM.

For more info - 0156 138 47

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Seafood Evening - 26th & 27th of August

For the 17th year in a row, we set the restaurant for the popular "Seafood Evenings". Do not miss this joyful summer end with party atmosphere, good drinks, sweet live music & seafood, seafood, seafood!


We start with a few small dishes and then serve our magnificent seafood plateau with crayfish, mussels, lobster, shrimp, king crab, signal crayfish and more.


In the garden, we place the oyster bar where you choose from several different types of oysters from different countries and sizes.


We end with a cheese and dessert serving at the table or out in the lounge.


The evening starts with a drink in the garden at 18:00.


Price per person - 1495 kr

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